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Accidents happen. They’re a fact of life. When your child is injured you want them to receive the best care. Dr. Sushil Anand of Sunshine Pediatrics in Ontario and Upland, California, has been treating and healing pediatric injuries for over 15 years. Call him today and he’ll be there to help for your family when those accidents happen.

Injury Q & A

Are children more susceptible to injuries?

While accidents happen to everyone, and children are the most susceptible to unintentional injury. Over 9 million children visit emergency departments for unintentional injuries annually. These injuries largely come from 5 major causes:

  • Falls: The #1 cause of non-fatal childhood injuries
  • Being struck by an object or striking an object
  • Animal bites and insect stings
  • Overexertion: Can cause fatigue, low blood sugar, and dehydration leading to injury
  • Motor vehicle accidents: Usually when the child is an occupant

    Falls remain the most common injuries for all age groups under 15, while the other 4 causes increase or decrease in probability depending on the age group of the child.

What should I know about injuries from my child’s sports activities?

Bumps, scrapes, and bruises are part of growing up, but even minor injuries need proper wound care to prevent infections. Cuts from impact injuries may require stitches, staples or some other laceration repair. Muscle sprains and strains are common, including ankle sprains; the most common sports injury in all age groups.

Injuries to areas in the body with growth plates may require extra attention. These are sections of long bones in the body that continue to generate new tissue until some point in adolescence. Any growth plate that’s injured may require Dr. Anand’s attention to prevent permanent complications. The growth plate areas include:

  • The long bones of the hand and fingers
  • Both bones in the forearm
  • The thigh bone
  • Both lower leg bones
  • The long bones in the feet

Staying active is important to your child’s healthy life. Children recover quickly from small injuries, so call Dr. Anand if your child shows signs of a slower than normal recovery.

What other common injuries and treatments are children prone?

Children aren’t always aware of the dangers of flames and hot surfaces nearby. Proper burn care prevents permanent scarring. Ask Dr. Anand what immediate treatment you should administer in the case of a burn, before coming to see him.
Motor vehicle accidents can cause a variety of injuries. Some injuries from accidents don’t appear until days later. Always have your child checked by Dr. Anand at Sunshine Pediatrics after an accident. Your child’s safety in an accident can depend on making sure they are properly secured in the correct seat for their size.

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