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Pediatricians located in Ontario, CA & Upland, CA

The best child care starts before birth. Dr. Sushil Anand at Sunshine Pediatrics in Ontario and Upland, California, provides prenatal counseling for expectant parents and extends genetic counseling to those in at risk groups. After your baby is born, Dr. Anand will monitor your baby’s health and development through scheduled well-child exams designed to ensure your healthy child becomes a healthy adult.

Pediatric Care Q & A

What is a well-child exam, and how is it different from a sick visit?

If you asked parents if they would choose to protect their child from having health problems or just wait and see if any develop, the first option would win every time. Of course, not every illness can be avoided, but many potential health problems can be, or at least diminished through Dr. Anand’s well-child exams.

The developmental monitoring of a well-child exam involves comparing your child’s progress to normal standards for a clear view of their physical and emotional growth.

A typical well-child visit records weight, height, body temperature, and overall health. Vision, hearing, and other screening tests may occur, as well as checks of the heart and breathing. Immunizations may be given to keep a child up-to-date. Dr. Anand is also happy to answer your questions and concerns about your child’s health.

Sick visits concentrate on the current health problem, treating its symptoms and working toward a cure. Your well-child exams could lessen the number of your sick visits.

How often are well-child exams scheduled?

Well-child exams decrease as a child gets older and ongoing good health becomes established. General guidelines for well-child visits are:

  • 1st year – every two months, or 6 times a year
  • 2nd year – quarterly, or every three months, 4 times a year
  • 3rd year – every 6 months, or twice a year
  • 4th year and later – one visit annually

Sports and school physical exams count as well-child visits and qualify under most medical insurance rules. There’s no need for your child to fast or prepare in any way for a well-child visit. Dress them comfortably and consider bringing books or toys to keep them occupied.

Sunshine Pediatrics offers prenatal counseling for expectant parents along with genetic counseling for those considered to be in “at risk” groups due to age, or family genetic history. Dr. Anand is also skilled at newborn circumcision.

Accepted Insurance Providers

At Sunshine Pediatrics, we accept most major insurance plans. Here is list of some of the plans we accept. Please contact our office if you do not see your insurance provider listed.

Anthem Blue Cross
Anthem Blue Cross MediCal
Inland Empire Health Plan
Molina Healthcare
United Healthcare
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